About Fradel Barber

Fradel Barber is a young individual with an intense ambition and a huge vision. Growing up in a middle income, Jewish Hassidic family and the oldest of twelve children, she has always had a big responsibility that she takes very seriously. Among her strengths are her commitments to all her endeavors and her capacity for sustained persistence. She is a woman who stands for integrity and honesty above all other things. These strengths among others have enabled Fradel to become a successful business woman and entrepreneur. She is well respected in her community and around the country by business associates and friends alike who share her vision in making positive change in the world.

When you meet Fradel, your first impression is of a well composed CEO, but one who may be on the more timid side. One handshake and a brief conversation later, however, you are immediately aware that you are sitting in the presence of a powerhouse. Not simply one who can internalize and make sense of almost any financial query sent her way, but one who eagerly dispenses valuable information, accurate and up to the minute advice, and most importantly, it is done with the utmost of confidence and professionalism.

What then makes Fradel so different? By the time your conversation is over, aside from being humbled by her staggering achievements at her young age, you are equally empowered to seek out similar goals, and do not feel inferior despite her unparalleled success. On the contrary, Fradel feels like a friend. Make that a mentor. Maybe both! She leaves all those in her company wanting more. While she passionately climbs her own ladder to success at an incredible pace, Fradel is not merely surging ahead single-minded. To all those on her team and under her tutelage, one hand is always reaching down behind her to offer others the boost they need to join her on her journey. She is an incredible testament to the fact that self-made leadership doesn't not end with the self. True leaders create other leaders - that's Fradel.

As a visionary entrepreneur in the financial services industry, Fradel is passionate about financial education for all types of people, regardless of their social status or income; entrepreneurship, personal and business development and increasing the number of successful women in the business world and leadership roles. As CEO Marketing Director with World Financial Group she has spearheaded the entrepreneurial expansion throughout the East and West coast, developing and leading successful entrepreneurs in the financial services industry. With her passion for success and will to overcome all obstacles, Ms. Barber has expanded her operation to over 15 offices and leads a team of over 500 licensed financial professionals.

Her influence is far reaching by her ability to educate and assist families, individuals and businesses in the planning of their financial future. Her primary focus is in mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and future leaders within the industry to do the same. Fradel accomplishes this by focusing on the business and personal growth of the people she mentors, so they can develop a business of their own and change their legacy for generations to come.